2020, 3rd Quarter Bundles

Litigation and Fraud - 3Q 2020 Bundle

What lessons can be gleaned from the last financial crisis to be applied during the
downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? How to pursue and prove fraud when debtors
hide their assets? This bundle has everything you need. Available session topics:

- Litigation Finance: Lessons from the Last Financial Crisis for the COVID-19 Downturn

- Admissibility of Electronic Evidence at Trial

- Pursuing and Proving Fraud when Individual Debtors Hide their Business Assets


Ethics - 3Q 2020 Bundle

Get insights on professional retention issues in chapter 11 cases, perspectives on
conflicts and debates on the Alix v. McKinsey case and ethical responses to client misconduct. Available session topics:

- How to Get Retained as Debtors’ Attorneys

- Ethics Quick Hits

- Great Debates: Alix v. McKinsey, The Ethical Response to Client Misconduct


Small Business - 3Q 2020 Bundle

The Small Business Reorganization Act, which became effective on Feb. 19 and had
its debt limits adjusted by the CARES Act at the end of March, presents struggling small
businesses with a more efficient and cost-effective process. Available session topics:

- The Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 - Northeast Virtual Bankruptcy
Conference Panel

- Understanding the Nuts and Bolts of the “New” Subchapter V Small Business Chapter 11

- Preference Update - SBRA Due Diligence Requirement


Business Reorganization - 3Q 2020 Bundle

As the economy re-opens in the wake of the COVID-19, these sessions present the
key issues facing bankruptcy professionals and provide the restructuring strategies needed
during these turbulent times. Available session topics:

- Out of Workouts

- Liquidating Assets

- How to Get Retained as Debtors’ Attorneys


Consumer Bankruptcy - 3Q 2020 Bundle

Experts examine the hottest consumer topics, bankruptcy mediation in consumer
cases and the evolution of consumer practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Available session topics:

- Consumer Hot Topics

- Bankruptcy Mediation in Consumer Cases: New Tools for Changing Times

- Evolution of Consumer Bankruptcy Practice in the COVID-19 Era


Practice and Procedure - 3Q 2020 Bundle

Experts conducting hearings on remote platforms, provide an engaging discussion
on valuation testimony and examine lawyer mental health. Available session topics:

- Virtually Effective: Conducting Professional and Persuasive Hearings on Remote

- Valuation Testimony

- It's About You: Mental Health, Professionalism and Burnout


Bankruptcy Basics - 3Q 2020 Bundle

Description: Get insight from the experts on some of the basic procedures in bankruptcy to
better guide your clients through the reorganization process. Available session topcis:

- Advising a Board

- Preparing the Debtor

- Ethics: WWJGD (What Would Judge Glenn Do)?


International Insolvency - 3Q 2020 Bundle

How to approach distressed investing in the EU? What steps should a professional
take in working with the Russian judicial system? What ethics issues should insolvency
professionals be aware of relating to the use of social media? This bundle has everything you
need. Available session topics:

- US-EU Distressed Investing

- For Better Government: Working with the Russian Judicial System

- Social Butterflies Beware: Ethical Issues Relating to the Use of Social Media


Health Care - 3Q 2020 Bundle

Get insights on the pro's and con's of transactions involving distressed hospitals and providers, survival considerations for every hospital in the COVID-19 era and what the health care industry will look like in the shadow of COVID-19. Available session topics:

- The Pros and Cons of Transactions Involving Distressed Hospitals and Health Care

- COVID-19 Impact: Survival Considerations for Every Hospital

- Health Care in the Shadow of COVID-19: What Will the "New Normal" Look Like?

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