2020, May Distance Learning

Small Business - May 2020 Bundle

The Small Business Reorganization Act, which became effective on Feb. 19 and had its debt limits adjusted by the CARES Act at the end of March, presents struggling small businesses with a more efficient and cost-effective process. Available session topics:

- Understanding the Nuts and Bolts of the "New" Subchapter V Small Business Chapter 11

- The Small Business Reorganization Act: How It Helps in Today's Health & Economic Crisis

- What's the Last Word on SBRA?


Business Reorganization - May 2020 Bundle

As businesses either look to weather the financial storm of the COVID-19 pandemic or reorganize their debts in bankruptcy, these sessions present the key issues facing bankruptcy professionals and provide the restructuring strategies needed during these turbulent times. Available session topics:

- Tools to Navigate the Financial Crisis Related to COVID-19

- Yes, You Need Them: The Value of Financial Advisors and Investment Bankers in § 363 Sales

- Ethics Track: Dealing with Difficult Clients and Counsel

- No CLE - ABI Talks: Super Speedy Prepacks: What Are They Good For?


Consumer Bankruptcy - May 2020 Bundle

Receive expert advice on the consumer bankruptcy provisions of the CARES Act, get an overview of bankruptcy and state law and learn some of the ethical challenges of chapter 13 attorneys in this informative bundle. Available sessions topics:

- The Consumer Provisions of the CARES ACT and Local Court Responses to the Pandemic

- Walk a Mile in My Shoes: The Ethics Challenges of Bankruptcy Attorneys Who Represent Debtors in Chapter 13 Cases

- Bankruptcy and State Law: Like Oil and Water?


Practice and Procedure - May 2020 Bundle

Experts examine key practice and procedure issues that arise in bankruptcy cases, including finding for expert witnesses, the intersection of the Federal Arbitration Act and the Bankruptcy Code and utilizing third-party funding. Available session topics:

- Make Your Assets Count! Vote for a Great Expert and Get Them Qualified with the Court

- The Intersection of the Federal Arbitration Act and the Bankruptcy Code

- Diggin' for Gold: Strategic Tools for Realizing and Monetizing Assets Utilizing Third-Party Funding


Bankruptcy Basics - May 2020 Bundle

Get insight from the experts on some of the basic procedures in bankruptcy to better guide your clients through the reorganization process. Available session topcis:

- Advising a Board

- Preparing the Debtor

- Practice Tips from the Bench


International Insolvency - May 2020 Bundle

How to approach distressed investing in the EU? What steps should a professional take in working with the Russian judicial system? Where to get an overview of the UNCITRAL Model Law? This bundle has everything you need. Available session topics:

- US-EU Distressed Investing

- For Better Government: Working with the Russian Judicial System

- Experienced Practitioners Track: Chapter 15


Health Care - May 2020 Bundle

Get the top-rated sessions from ABI’s Health Care Program with experts discussing the opioid crisis, effects of the retailization of health care and what health care deal-makers are looking for in the marketplace.
Available session topcis:

- NO CLE - Today's Health Crisis: Behavioral Health and Opioids

- What Are the Deal-Makers Looking For?

- Disruption in the Marketplace: The Retailization of Healthcare

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