Great Debates

2022 Views from the Bench: Great Debates

Two pairs of judges square off to consider (1) whether bankruptcies can be properly filed when a debtor faces a deluge of potential tort claims and (2) whether bankruptcy courts can support plans regarding certain special fee and financing arrangements for debtors.


Great Debates (2021 Annual Spring Meeting)

A panel of judges and ABI 40under40 honorees will be debating key bankruptcy issues including arbitration disputes, cramdown provisions and more! Listen in, weigh in and learn a lot!
First Debate Cramdowns “East vs. West”
Resolution 1: An arbitrator should decide whether disputes in bankruptcy cases and proceedings are subject to arbitration.
Pro: Andrew Helman
Con: Lindsi Weber
Resolution 2: All disputes in bankruptcy cases and proceedings can be subjected to binding arbitration.
Pro: Hon. Michael Fagone
Con: Hon. Daniel Collins


NO CLE - Great Debates: The Circuit Split Edition

This plenary will present two exciting debates on timely circuit split topics. Judges will be paired with emerging regional leaders to face off over key bankruptcy issues.
Resolved: The automatic stay terminates automatically after a repeat filing only to property of the debtor, and not to estate property.
Resolved: A “makewhole” provision may be enforced against a debtor and is not disallowed as “unmatured interest” pursuant to Bankruptcy Code § 502(b)(2).

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