Unsecured Trade Creditors Committee

Current Issues Impacting the Bottom Lines of Health Care Restructuring Cases

Hosted by the Commercial & Regulatory Law and Unsecured Trade Creditors Committees
This panel will explore issues that are driving value in health care bankruptcies, particularly issues of import to unsecured creditors. Included in the discussion will be the priority and impact of Medicaid provider fees, difficulties in valuing health care receivables and the resulting effects on claim status and cost of financing, the landscape of chapter 9 as a vehicle for the restructuring of a public health care debtor, and the treatment and saleability of provider agreements.


Indentured Trusts in the Bankruptcy Process

Hosted by the Business Reorganization and Unsecured Trade Creditors Committees
This panel of legal experts and indenture trustees will discuss current insolvency-related corporate trust issues, including pre- and post-default rights, standing to pursue litigation claims, disparate treatment among bondholders and other creditors of equal priority, conflicts between majority and minority bondholders, and settlement mechanics inside and outside of bankruptcy.


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Sponsored by the Unsecured Trade Creditors Committee

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