Views from the Bench

Views from the Bench: Confirmation Roundtables: Competing Interests in Today's Chapter 11

This session will discuss the impact of extraordinary and unforeseen changes in the economy; feasibility in a COVID-19 world; the split between § 1141 analysis and traditional opt-in/opt-out provisions for third-party releases; the best-interest test in connection with third-party releases; the fate of Till and cramdown; valuation issues such as what happens when projections are totally wrong; exclusivity termination; attempts to put assets beyond the reach of lenders; plan voting/§ 1129(a)(10) and artificial impairment; and estimation for voting purposes.


Views from the Bench: Dilemmas of an Official Committee

Is the committee’s role shrinking? This session will cover statutory vs. ad hoc committees; challenging exclusivity; judicial reactions to the use of ad hoc committees; whether all committees have a fiduciary duty, and if so, to whom; how far committees can go in representing different unsecured creditor groups (divergent interests, or multiple committees?); ad hoc lender groups; whether gifting has survived; and the risk of extinction by examining Constellation and the problem of sudden death to committee by conversion on demand.


Views from the Bench: Ethics

This session will highlight several of the Rules of Professional Conduct, including RPC 1.5 (Fees); the Alix/McKinsey litigation; RPC 3.3 (Candor to Tribunal); RPC 4.1 (Truthfulness to Others); the U.S. Trustee guidelines concerning retainers; RPC 7.1 (Communications Concerning a Lawyer’s Services); overbilling, RPC 8.4 (Misconduct); fee examiners, RPC 1.3 (Diligence); disclosures, Bankruptcy Rule 2014; RPC 1.7 (Conflict of Interest); and RPC 7.3 (Solicitation of Clients).


Views from the Bench: Great Debates

Listen in on 2 Debates argued by bankruptcy judges and experts in the industry on the following topics:
Debate 1: Resolved - Trustees can claw back transfers by and between foreign transferees.
Debate 2: Resolved that the current Code provisions regarding Committees preclude true parties in interest and largest constituents from participating


NO CLE - Views from the Bench: Mass Torts

This panel will focus on the removal and consolidation of tort claims, including those against nondebtors (e.g., Imerys); the aggressive estimation of tort claims for voting purposes (e.g., PG&E and the one-dollar estimation effort); third-party releases (e.g., the effort we are likely to see in BSA to get releases for local councils); channeling injunctions outside of the asbestos context (being used increasingly, but will the bench eventually push back?); the impact of criminal proceedings on a mass tort debtor’s ability to reorganize (e.g., PG&E and some of the pharma cases); the need for m

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Views from the Bench: Sales - Chapter 11 or § 363?

Should § 363 sales occur early in a case? Should the Federal Foreclosure Act be invoked? The panelists will discuss these issues, as well as sales in confirmation; circumstances under which a court may preclude or limit credit bidding under § 363(k); whether to push for dismissal, conversion, or a liquidating trust; mootness and appeals; Rule 9019 settlements combined with sales to make them harder to appeal; whether Fulton will further increase the power of secured creditors; and extraordinary changes in the economy (delay or convert?).

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