ABI-Live: The State of Middle Market Leveraged Loans

Join the ABI and SRS Acquiom for a webinar discussing the state of middle-market loans. This segment of the marketplace includes businesses that are too small to attract large bank financing and too large to qualify for small business loans. The event will feature industry experts discussing: current trends impacting the extension of loans; effects of COVID-19; and fresh challenges to the extension of credit facilities.

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ABI-Live: Recent Trends & Issues with DIP Financing, Focusing on Committee, Debtor, and Lender Perspectives

Presented by ABI’s Secured Credit Committee, this panel will discuss recent trends and developments concerning debtor-in-possession financing by highlighting relevant issues from the debtor’s, lender’s, and creditors’ committee’s perspectives. The discussion will focus on recent chapter 11 cases, including cases from the retail and energy industries, disruption from COVID-19, and broader market observations.


ABI-Live: Collateral Disputes: Experts Weigh In on Recent Transactions

Join the SRS Acquiom team and their panel of experts as they dive into recent transactions involving collateral disputes between lenders and borrowers. The discussion will highlight real-life examples, look back on why the disputes are happening, review the options for lenders, and examine how to prevent disputes from happening in the future.


NO CLE - ABI-Live: The Evolving Landscape of Distressed M&A

Join ABI's Asset Sales Committee with a panel of experts that will highlight the current challenges facing insolvency professionals working on deals in the COVID-19 world and what to expect in the coming months.

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