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Contracting Out of Bankruptcy: Domestic and International Considerations

$50.00 SKU: 194074 This panel will explore the effectiveness (and, sometimes, lack thereof) of creditor strategies to restrict by contract a borrower’s ability to obtain bankruptcy relief, whether by limiting the ability of a corporate borrow ...

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Caribbean Track: Recent Opinions and Orders Under PROMESA and Their Impact on Puerto Rico’s Future

$50.00 SKU: 194071 This panel will examine the effects thus far of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA), as well as Puerto Rico’s economy, including where it came from, where it is now and where it is go ...

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Caribbean Track: Strategic Use of Independent Directors in Multi-Jurisdictional Insolvency Proceedings

$50.00 SKU: 194070 This panel will explore the roles, responsibilities, benefits, and liabilities in using independent directors through multi-jurisdictional insolvency proceedings and will discuss using directors strategically throughout the ...

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US Track: Issues Facing Community and Critical-Access Hospitals: What Is the Answer, and When Is It Too Good to Be True?

$50.00 SKU: 194067 What are critical-access hospitals, and why are they important? This panel will discuss alternative solutions to producing additional cash flow for failing hospitals, which need to be closely scrutinized by health care prof ...

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Caribbean Track: Insolvency Remedies for Offshore Fraud: Closing the Net on the Bad Guys

$50.00 SKU: 194065 Recent developments in offshore law have increased the effectiveness of the tools available to trace and recover assets through the offshore insolvency process. This panel will be conducted in a formal debate style, using t ...

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US Track: ADR in Cross-Border Insolvency Cases

$50.00 SKU: 194064 This panel will discuss the role that alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can and does play in bankruptcy, starting with the tension between bankruptcy and ADR, as all ADR processes conflict with bankruptcy’s goal of centr ...

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Judges Roundtable (CIS 2019)

$50.00 SKU: 194062 Price: $50.00 75 mins Patricia Redmond, Moderator Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & ...

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Chapter 15 Update: Discovery, Drawbridge, Venue, Parallel Cases and Other Hot Topics in Cross-Border Cases

$50.00 SKU: 194060 This panel will discuss recent Chapter 15 and cross-border cases, including those involving the scope of discovery available to foreign representatives, § 109 eligibility, venue issues, and parallel case concerns. The panel ...

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