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“They Sold My House — and You Said It Was Safe!”

$25.00 SKU: 183776 This panel will discuss the chapter 7 trustee’s ability to avoid and surcharge the taxing authority’s secured lien for the benefit of the estate. The panelists will review in detail 11 U.S.C. § 724 and related Code sections ...

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Chapter 11 Plans: The Role of Committees in Plan Formulation

$25.00 SKU: 183774 Creditor and equity committees have an important role in maximizing recoveries chapter 11 cases. Both formal and ad hoc committee can dramatically influence the course of a chapter 11 and the ultimate shape of a chapter 11 ...

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Financial Advisors: The Challenges Facing Colleges and Universities

$25.00 SKU: 183772 This panel will discuss the challenges facing colleges and universities, and the financial advisor’s role in assisting stakeholders in addressing these challenges. The panelists will discuss the dynamics associated with tur ...

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Facing the #MeToo Movement in the Legal Profession: Sexual Harassment and Misconduct, the Rules of Professional Conduct and the Code of Judicial Conduct

$25.00 SKU: 183770 Rarely has a hashtag so completely captured the urgency and gravity of a major shift in national consciousness. This panel of experts will lead an interactive discussion on issues confronting the legal profession in the #Me ...

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Chapter 13 Plan and Rule Changes

$25.00 SKU: 183768 This panel will review the implications — both good and bad — of the new plan and Rule changes from the debtor, creditor and trustee perspective and discuss what is working, what is not, workarounds, and what further reform ...

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Small Business Filings: Making Chapter 11 Work in Small Commercial Cases

$25.00 SKU: 183766 Many of the challenges that exist in complex business cases are equally at play in small commercial cases. But whereas time and resources might be more abundant in the larger cases, small chapter 11 restructurings frequentl ...

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Complex Commercial: This Year’s Most Important Issues in Commercial Restructuring

$25.00 SKU: 183764 Recent court decisions will impact future commercial restructuring. The panel will provide an overview of the four most pressing issues in commercial restructuring over the past year, including debt recharacterization, thir ...

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Transactions: Closely Held Businesses

$25.00 SKU: 183762 This panel will consider how to plan for and resolve disputes in family businesses/closely held partnerships/limited liability companies when there is a deadlock or unplanned event. What happens when the business is in fina ...

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The Future of the Legal Profession

$25.00 SKU: 183760 Is the legal profession’s vision for the law firm of the future already outdated? Can the law firm of today cope with the incredibly dynamic and changing competitive legal services environment, or will it go the way of the ...

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