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NO CLE - Ethics Session: Say Hello to My Little Friend, LLC: Ethical Issues Related to “Aggressive” Asset-Protection Planning and Lying Clients

$50.00 SKU: 151789 This presentation will discuss ethical issues relating to representing debtors who have engaged in “aggressive” asset protection/exemption planning, the problem with using involuntary bankruptcies to resolve corporate dispu ...

Product - mlukban@abiworld.org - 2019-06-27 14:57 - 0 comments

NO CLE: Practical Impact of Preference Actions

$0.00 SKU: 151759 The ABI Commission Report proposes some significant changes to the Bankruptcy Code, and the preferential transfer statute in Section 547 is no exception. This webinar explores ... trustees, and panel trustees in preference actions. Price: $0 ...

Product - mlukban@abiworld.org - 2020-03-19 17:14 - 0 comments

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