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NO CLE - Individual Chapter 11s

$50.00 SKU: 13780 This panel will discuss the variety of issues that can arise in an individual chapter 11 case and will cover the issue of limited representation — the subject that the Ethics Task Force report presented at this year’s Annual ...

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NO CLE - Mock Hearing: Confirmation Issues

$50.00 SKU: 13782 Two litigants will argue plan confirmation issues before a panel of three judges. These issues may include treatment of make-whole premiums, cure and reinstatement to avoid payment of default interest, plan releases and excu ...

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NO CLE - Plan Support Agreements/Pre-Arranged Cases

$50.00 SKU: 13786 This panel will discuss a variety of issues surrounding the use of plan-support agreements, including their structure, goals and benefits, their impact on non-signatories, disclosure and solicitation issues, lessons learned ...

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NO CLE - The Ethics of Using Social Networking Sites

$50.00 SKU: 13788 Following an introductory video clip about the dangers of social networking in litigation, a panel featuring a judge, a trustee and a practitioner will lead a discussion on the inherent risks in using social networking, some ...

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NO CLE - Do's and Dont's of Written Advocacy

$50.00 SKU: 13790 Your pleadings and briefs are the first, often the last and typically the most comprehensive opportunity you have to persuade a court. This panel will provide you with essential guidance for effective and persuasive written ...

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