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NO CLE - ABI-Live: Up in Smoke: Marijuana Meets the Bankruptcy Code

$125.00 SKU: 204934 Hosted by the Asset Sale Committee Marijuana-related businesses are being denied access to bankruptcy relief in all but a tiny handful of cases. This webinar will discuss prospects for success in bankruptcy court, ...

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NO CLE - ABI-Live: Fresh Start, Not False Start: How New Bankruptcy Student Loan Programs Are Tackling Student Loan Debt

$125.00 SKU: 204933 Hosted by the Consumer Bankruptcy Committee This webinar will discuss how new Bankruptcy Student Loan Management Programs are helping debtors solve their student loan issues. The webinar will cover the issues a ...

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NO CLE - ABI-Live: Pursuing and Proving Fraud when Individual Debtors Hide their Business Assets

$125.00 SKU: 204932 Hosted by the Commercial Fraud Committee The webinar panel, comprised of bankruptcy lawyers, a panel bankruptcy trustee and a financial advisor, will delve into what occurs when an individual debtor files bankruptc ...

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