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NO CLE - Hot Topic 4: Shoulda Woulda Coulda: Lessons in How Things Got Out of Hand and What We Could Have Done Differently

$50.00 SKU: 13595 It’s a jungle out there! Learn the skills and practice tips you need to tame that jungle from seasoned bankruptcy practitioners who have faced the jungle and won, on a variety of professional levels. Price: $50.0 ...

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NO CLE - Hotcakes and Hot Topics: Judges’ Roundtable Q&A

$50.00 SKU: 13599 This panel will feature a roundtable discussion with bankruptcy judges from the Ninth Circuit and across the country. The judges will share their thoughts and perspectives, as well as take questions from the audience, on top ...

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NO CLE - Ethics: Disagreeing without Being Disagreeable: The Case for Civility

$50.00 SKU: 13601 This panel will explore the struggles of being both civil and persuasive and how our actions affect the reputation of the legal profession in society. The panel will also provide an update on the status of the ABI Civility T ...

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NO CLE - Legislation/Real Estate

$50.00 SKU: 13756 Real Estate Short Sales and Carve-Outs Price: $50.00 60 mins (100167, 100169, 101243, 2 ...

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NO CLE - Do's and Dont's of Written Advocacy

$50.00 SKU: 13790 Your pleadings and briefs are the first, often the last and typically the most comprehensive opportunity you have to persuade a court. This panel will provide you with essential guidance for effective and persuasive written ...

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