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How to Negotiate and Draft Sale Documents and Pleadings in Chapter 11 Cases

$125.00 SKU: 204925 This panel will focus on drafting skills for bankruptcy and restructuring attorneys. It is intended to provide a practical “how to” discussion and analysis of negotiating and drafting chapter 11 sale documents and pleading ...

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Fraudulent Schemes Involving Real Estate

$125.00 SKU: 204927 Real Estate is red-hot right now — which means it’s an attractant for both the savvy investor and the fraudster. Don’t miss getting the inside scoop on the law and insights from other perspectives concerning the latest sch ...

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The Continued Use of Blocking Directors and Managers in Bankruptcy-Related Transactions

$125.00 SKU: 204929 This panel will explore the efforts being taken to use blocking provisions in corporate and company organizational documents to limit the possibility of a bankruptcy filing, and will discuss the importance of independent b ...

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