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NO CLE - The Next Big Wave in Health Care Restructurings

$50.00 SKU: 194455 This panel of experts leave conference attendees with key takeaways that will help them know where to find their next opportunities. These experts highlight the financial and legal issues facing the distressed sectors of th ...

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NO CLE - The Changing Delivery of Health Care: Who Will Be the Winners and Losers?

$50.00 SKU: 194447 With Amazon, Walmart and others entering the health care market and partnering with established players, there will be winners and losers as health care businesses navigate the changing delivery of care — from the minute cl ...

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NO CLE - Hear from the CEOs: What Keeps Them Up at Night?

$50.00 SKU: 194453 CEOs share their insights on the challenges facing the industry, the new innovations that will transform the industry, and how health care policy is expected to change, when it will change, what needs to change, and how pol ...

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NO CLE - US Track: ADR in Cross-Border Insolvency Cases

$50.00 SKU: 194064 This panel will discuss the role that alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can and does play in bankruptcy, starting with the tension between bankruptcy and ADR, as all ADR processes conflict with bankruptcy’s goal of centr ...

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