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New World Orders: Post COVID Practice

$125.00 SKU: 205220 The novel coronavirus has certainly induced many systemic changes around the world, and the bankruptcy and restructuring industry is no exception. What once worked in a pre-COVID-19 world might not work anymore, so parties ...

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ABI-Live: Paycheck Protection Program: Access to PPP Loans for Chapter 11 Debtors

$125.00 SKU: 205232 Join us for a discussion on the key features of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the current legal landscape regarding the eligibility of companies in bankruptcy to receive PPP Loans, including an overview of SBA ...

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ABI-Live: COVID-19: Fraud Schemes, Relief Act Forgiveness Fraud, and International Commercial Fraud Issues

$125.00 SKU: 205236 Members of ABI's Commercial Fraud Committee will discuss hot topics related to COVID-19, particularly fraudulent schemes likely expected due to the pandemic and schemes that may be revealed as a result of the pandemic ...

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ABI-Live: Collateral Disputes: Experts Weigh In on Recent Transactions

$125.00 SKU: 205316 Join the SRS Acquiom team and their panel of experts as they dive into recent transactions involving collateral disputes between lenders and borrowers. The discussion will highlight real-life examples, look back on why the ...

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