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Consolidation: Where Do We Go From Here?

$125.00 SKU: 204982 The US healthcare system is consolidating at an increasing pace. Healthcare systems tout the benefits of consolidation in the form of cost savings and other operational efficiencies. But consolidation also has its costs: i ...

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Disruption in the Marketplace: The Retailization of Healthcare

$125.00 SKU: 204984 Consumers are utilizing retail clinics, urgent care centers, ambulatory surgery centers, concierge services and freestanding ERs to get medical care when and where they want it. The healthcare marketplace is forcing provid ...

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Cybersecurity Attacks: What Keeps You Up at Night

$125.00 SKU: 204988 Hear first-hand experience on who to survive a cyberattack, one of the many challenges facing healthcare providers today. Price: $125.00 60 mins ...

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NO CLE - Today's Health Crisis: Behavioral Health and Opioids

$125.00 SKU: 204990 This panel will discuss and summarize the challenges the US is facing in the behavioral market industry. Some topics will include addiction, mental health and special focus will be opioid crisis. The panel will break dow ...

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What Are the Deal-Makers Looking For?

$125.00 SKU: 204992 This session will provide insight into the healthcare dealmakers’ perspective across the health services spectrum. We’ll hear from strategic buyers, private equity and institutional capital regarding current deal metrics, ...

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