Your Paralegal + Technology = Acceleration!

The pandemic taught us all how to work remotely and divide our tasks to get the job done. This panel is comprised of both virtual and in-office paralegals who understand how their role between attorney and client operates, as well as what they can bring to improve the experience for both you and your clients. Understanding the paralegal perspective provides greater insights into how you can use their knowledge and abilities to accelerate your practice and increase your bottom line.

Price: $125.00
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< 60 min
Carlos Sarmiento Jr. LegalPRO Systems, Inc.; San Antonio Heather Pickett Propel Paralegal Services, LLC; Frederick, Md. Justin Crone Independence Software, LLC; Alexandria, Va. Kathryn Jump BK Attorney Services LLC; Pasco, Wash. Stacey M. Lake Lawfecta; Victorville, Calif.