The Walking Dead: How (and When) to Address Post-Pandemic Debt Zombies

This panel will address how we deal with the new crop of corporate zombies that have been emerging as a result of the influx of debt to balance sheets during the pandemic. What tools are available to address this phenomenon? When will the Fed’s credit-tightening or other regulatory requirements force regulated lenders and borrowers to address these issues? How will nonbank lenders react? Finally, how will the Main Street Lending Program (and the Fed’s role as lender) play into this discussion?

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75 mins
Jack Bradley Capstone Partners; Boston Brent P. Hazzard Citizens Bank; Boston Rudy Morando Berkeley Research Group, LLC; Boston Hon. Ann M. Nevins U.S. Bankruptcy Court (D. Conn.); New Haven Adrienne Walker Locke Lord LLP; Boston