Walk a Mile in My Shoes: The Ethics Challenges of Bankruptcy Attorneys Who Represent Debtors in Chapter 13 Cases

There have been significant challenges to the roles that counsel to debtors and creditors have played in chapter 13 cases since the enactment of BAPCPA, with little recognition that the success in completing a case through discharge is directly proportional to the efforts of the professionals involved in the proceeding, often in the face of contending with very difficult clients and circumstances. Many programs focus on the poor behaviors of counsel in an effort to provide examples or what “not to do.” This interactive ethics panel will require the panelists to take on role-reversals and encourage audience participation and debate about what can be done to support experienced professionals, and to avoid the continued diminution of the practice by having parties take on the challenges of the “other side.”

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60 mins
Hon. Martin R. Barash U.S. Bankruptcy Court (C.D. Cal.); Woodland Hills, Calif., Misty Perry Isaacson Pagter and Perry Isaacson, APLC; Santa Ana, Calif., Rita Kostopoulos Kostopoulos & Associates PLLC; Warren, Mich., Kathleen A. Leavitt Chapter 13 Trustee; Las Vegas.