Sharpening the Tools in Your Mediation Toolkit

Hosted by the Mediation and the Unsecured Trade Creditors Committees

Formatted largely as a mock mediation session, this interactive panel will demonstrate best practices to prepare for, participate in, and successfully conclude a mediation session. Topics will include pre-mediation written submissions, preparing clients (and oneself) for a mediation session, managing the mediator and the client once the session begins, strategies for guiding a mediation session to a successful resolution, and tips for breaking an impasse.

Price: $50.00
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60 mins
Ian C. Bifferato The Bifferato Firm PA; Wilmington, Del. Kara E. Casteel ASK LLP; St. Paul, MN Hon. Leif M. Clark (ret.) CBInsolvency LLC; Swampscott, Texas Jeffrey P. Nolan Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones; Los Angeles Jeffrey W. Warren Bush Ross, PA; Tampa