Sealing the Deal: Negotiating, Documenting and Consummating Settlements in Bankruptcy

This interactive nuts-and-bolts panel will discuss three phases of settlements in the context of a bankruptcy case: (1) negotiating a settlement, including evaluating the benefits of settlement versus litigation risk and expense, negotiating tactics and strategies, and the role of the mediator; (2) drafting term sheets and settlement agreements, an overview of the law on the enforceability of term sheets and settlement agreements (both pre- and post-court approval), and the components of the settlement agreement; and (3) consummating the settlement, with an emphasis on Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9019 standards, the necessary components of a motion to approve compromise, presentation to the bankruptcy court, the bankruptcy court’s role in evaluating the settlement and the court’s order approving the settlement, the nonbankruptcy aspects of a settlement, and post-settlement actions.

Price: $25.00
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75 mins
Hon. Elizabeth S. Stong, Moderator U.S. Bankruptcy Court (E.D.N.Y.); Brooklyn Jeanne P. Darcey Sullivan & Worcester; Boston Taruna Garg Murtha Cullina LLP; Boston Craig R. Jalbert Verdolino & Lowey, P.C.; Foxboro, Mass. Hon. Louis H. Kornreich (ret.) Bernstein Shur; Bangor, Maine