Real Estate Bankruptcy Issues

Join notable experts as they dive into royalty interests: real property or contract interest?, abandonment and environmental liabilities, the Uniform Assignment of Rents Act, are foreclosure sale purchases protected from avoidance under § 547?, circuit split: application of anti-modification clause to mixed-use properties, § 363(h): an oft-forgotten-yet-powerful tool for co-owners of commercial real estate, in the absence of default, are landlords entitled to attorneys’ fees as cure costs upon lease assumption and assignment?, the meaning of “surrendering” real property under § 521, does termination of a lease constitute a “transfer” under 11 U.S.C. §§ 547 and 548?, and adequate-protection issues.

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75 mins
David T. Brennan, Moderator Otten Johnson Robinson Neff + Ragonetti PC; Denver Matthew Bordwin Keen-Summit Capital Partners LLC; Melville, N.Y. Jason S. Brookner Gray Reed & McGraw LLP; Dallas Caroline C. Fuller Fairfield and Woods P.C.; Denver Hon. Michael E. Romero U.S. Bankruptcy Court (D. Colo.); Denver