Pre-Bankruptcy Planning in the Consumer Case

Knowing the Bankruptcy Code, following the latest case law, and effectively advocating for your client in court are just some of the skills that make a consumer practitioner successful. But much of hard work in making a case successful happens before it is filed. This panel will examine the art of pre-bankruptcy planning in the consumer case, including strategies for marshaling the most accurate information from your client, selecting the chapter that is most appropriate for your client’s situation, and developing a strategy for prosecuting the case.

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60 mins
Edward C. Boltz The Law Offices of John T. Orcutt; Durham, N.C. Hannah White Hutman Hoover Penrod PLC; Harrisonburg, Va. Donald R. Lassman Law Office of Donald R. Lassman; Needham, Mass. Joshua P. Searcy Searcy & Searcy, P.C.; Longview, Texas
Media: Video