Post-Petition Issues in Consumer Cases: Life Goes On

Debtors’ lives don’t stop once a chapter 13 is filed. Jobs could be changed or lost, property can be sold and inherited, and debtors can become injured and can sue. Debtor's counsel has to know how to “roll with the punches” and still achieve the best outcome for their client. This panel will discuss the impact of foreseen and unforeseen events in a chapter 13 case. Who gets the benefit of equity in a debtor’s home if it is sold and has appreciated since filing? What if the case converts to chapter 7? What assets are included in the chapter 7 estate upon conversion? Does a debtor have a duty to disclose a post-petition asset such as a cause of action or inheritance? How does debtor’s counsel get paid to deal with all of these issues? Is a chapter 13 trustee entitled to be paid if a case is dismissed before confirmation? What are the requirements to modify what is paid in a chapter 13 plan?

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75 mins
H. David Cox (Cox Law Group PLLC | Lynchburg, Va.), Melissa J. Davey (Office of Melissa J. Davey, Standing Ch. 13 Trustee | Atlanta), Hon. John E. Waites (U.S. Bankruptcy Court (D. S.C.) | Columbia), Kristi S. Williams (Lefkoff, Rubin, Gleason, Russo & Williams, P.C. | Atlanta)