NO CLE - Representing Creditors in Wilmington and Manhattan: A Roadmap for the Midwest Practitioner for Litigating in America’s Busiest Bankruptcy Courts

Any Midwest attorney is likely to represent a client in Delaware or the S.D.N.Y. at some point. For example, you're likely to have clients facing claims litigation, trying to preserve executory contact or lease rights, or facing a preference complaint. Would you like a crash course in representing your clients in these districts and practice like you have years of experience in front of these courts? If so, please join us for a program that will cover the most common situations a Midwest attorney might encounter. You’ll learn practice pointers, traps for the unwary and other rules (both black-letter and unwritten practices). This program will give you an edge when representing your clients in S.D.N.Y./Delaware cases and will assist you in delivering value, bringing home good results — and keeping your clients happy.

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