NO CLE - Presenting Experts in Bankruptcy Litigation

Contested evidentiary hearings in chapter 11 confirmation battles have one near-constant attribute: They are expert witness-intensive undertakings. Whether relating to the value of a secured lender’s collateral, the appropriate discount rate to be applied in valuing a payment stream provided under a plan, compliance with the best-interests-of-creditors test, feasibility or any number of other potentially contested issues, presenting expert testimony is at least worth considering, if not required. Panelists will focus on the presentation of expert testimony in contested commercial chapter 11 cases, identify the issues that may require expert testimony, discuss how to locate an appropriate expert, and offer their views on how to prepare and present an expert though the discovery and trial stages. This will not be a presentation on the same old real estate appraisal evidence that most experienced practitioners can recite in their sleep (“I considered the income approach, the comparable-sale approach and the cost approach.” YAWN). Rather, the panel will focus on presenting, and cross-examining, the sorts of sophisticated financial experts that testify regarding the various elements of plan confirmation.

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