NO CLE - Practicing in the Limelight: The Challenges Faced in Cases Involving High-Profile Debtors

Representing public figures whose livelihoods depend on their public image and in remaining in the public eye, or individuals thrust into the public eye by perceived scandal, presents particular challenges to their bankruptcy lawyers. Flamboyance tends to catch the eye of judges and creditors, as well as fans and entertainment reporters. Scandal is a national pastime, so high-profile debtors catch the eyes of everybody. Representing creditors in those cases, and managing their expectations when outward appearances suggest no shortage of resources either because fame is equated with fortune or preservation of ill-gotten gains is presumed, also presents its own set of challenges. This multimedia session will be presented by lawyers who have lived through some of the highest-profile cases of recent years, and includes counsel in cases involving those who sought out the limelight, such as 50 Cent, Mike Tyson and Bob Guccione, and those who were thrust into it, such as David Drumm of Anglo-Irish Bank.

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