NO CLE - A Magical Marriage, or Is He Just a Troll? The Divorce of Boris Badenough

This year’s installment of the Boris Badenough ethics play centers primarily around Boris’s romantic problems, rather than his traditional financial woes. Boris’s latest wife, Sophia “Sting” Shire, an up-and-coming photo artist, has just filed for divorce and is seeking to void her prenuptial agreement with Boris so she can get the $100,000 per week in support she believes she is entitled to. Boris isn’t distressed about the loss of his sixth (or is it seventh?) wife, but the fact she wants money and half of his massive snowglobe collection enrages him. However, Boris has a plan to put Sting into an involuntary bankruptcy with two other creditors, have a trustee appointed (Boris does know how to dig up dirt!) and settle any claims that Sting may have with her trustee for a small amount of his hoard.

Unfortunately for Boris, Sting and her counsel, Bill “Bo” Baggins, have a few tricks of their own up their sleeves, including the discovery of Boris’s deepest and perhaps most profitable secrets in Hidden Hoard LLC, a company Sting owns 1% of (through Boris’s attempt to make her a minority contractor). Will Baggins and Sting be able to discover the secret Hidden Hoard, or will Boris’s counsel, Tom “Bomber” Dill, prevail and save his client’s “preeciousss”?

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