NO CLE - Litigation Toward Settlement: Questions and Strategies in Bankruptcy Litigation

Often the hardest part about bankruptcy litigation is making the decision to take it on in the first place, considering the time, expense, available resources and anticipated benefit to the estate and its constituents. Many bankruptcy attorneys often divorce litigation from the business goals of the client, resulting in disproportionately high fees, disappointed clients and unpaid professionals. Too little time and effort is undertaken before and during the early stages of litigation to consider the foregoing and client objectives. Consequently, in most cases litigation must be viewed as a business decision. This panel will discuss these important issues and take the audience down the litigation and settlement road: (1) pre-filing the complaint; (2) early disclosures to opponents; (3) early motions; (4) discovery and discovery disputes; (5) pre-trial motions (e.g., motions for summary judgment); and finally (6) trial. The tactics and strategies often used during these steps to promote or advance settlements that best favor clients will also be addressed.

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