NO CLE - Litigation In the Bankruptcy World – Selected Hot Issues

While case flings are down, the disputes that rage on in the cases have continued on. The panel will address three (3) selected litigation issues impacting the process: (a) Discovery Matters In Bankruptcy Cases – “Get to the point, get there quickly, get there cost effectively, and get the facts and documents organized”; (b) Expert Witness Matters – “If they know more than you, they must be an expert – right?” Bankruptcy Judges are becoming more discriminating (and more selective) in who and what is a proper expert and the purview of expert testimony. The panel will discuss and explore the Daubert criteria for experts, and discuss practical and strategic issues related to the effective use of expert testimony in bankruptcy litigation; and (c) Examiner Reports In Bankruptcy Litigation – we paid a lot of money and used up a lot of time on this report – now what? The legal and strategic issues related to examiner reports in bankruptcy cases.

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