NO CLE: Life Under the Act

Join experienced practitioners in a historical look at the U.S. Bankruptcy Code from 41 years ago to today, and where the Code may go in the future. Learn the challenges of practicing under the Bankruptcy Act in the 1970s, from the “first meeting of creditors” in front of a bankruptcy judge to reaffirmation of debt and filing two petitions for a husband and wife. How did attorneys, debtors, creditors and the courts adjust to the Code? How has the court and bar changed in terms of diversity? What is the importance of local precedent, and how was and is it disseminated? With the formalization of the bankruptcy courts, how did the judicial appointment, assignment of cases, and general contact and communication with the courts change? From the U.S. Trustee pilot program to the current model, how has the chapter 7 trustee appointment process changed, and what are the effects? How did local practice change, and how does it continue to evolve? What are the results of the exemption compromise and its effects on current practice?

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