NO CLE - Health Care Investing: Where Do You Put Your Money to Work?

How do investors and lenders view the health care services industry? Investors will outline criteria for investing in deals, identify key trends and issues, and provide various return characteristics regarding their investments by type of investment. The lenders will outline their views of risk within the various sectors, outline their views of the current state of the market, provide general terms regarding their specific products, and provide a general overview of how their loans are performing. There also will be a focus on some of the more challenging sectors of the industry, particularly hospitals, senior housing and post-acute care. Finally, this panel will highlight the legal challenges in structuring a health care loan, how to attempt to isolate liabilities, and how to recover your money when you need to take legal action on account of defaults, including navigating complex regulations when dealing with patients, records and medical waste, as well as the complexities of a restructuring.

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