NO CLE - Great Debates (2021 Annual Spring Meeting)

A panel of judges and ABI 40under40 honorees will be debating key bankruptcy issues including arbitration disputes, cramdown provisions and more! Listen in, weigh in and learn a lot!
First Debate Cramdowns “East vs. West”
Resolution 1: An arbitrator should decide whether disputes in bankruptcy cases and proceedings are subject to arbitration.
Pro: Andrew Helman
Con: Lindsi Weber
Resolution 2: All disputes in bankruptcy cases and proceedings can be subjected to binding arbitration.
Pro: Hon. Michael Fagone
Con: Hon. Daniel Collins
Second Debate Cramdowns “North vs. South”
Resolution: Section 1129(a)(10) dictates that a joint chapter 11 plan may be confirmed if a single impaired class with claims against any debtor accepts the joint plan.
Pro: Hon. Mary Grace Diehl & Jonathan Edwards
Con: Hon. Michael Wiles & Erica Weisgerber

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