NO CLE: Executory Contracts and Customer Challenges in Chapter 11 Sales

Session 1: Understanding Executory Contract Rejection: Damages, Valuation and Strategy

When a debtor files for bankruptcy, it has the option to reject executory contracts, or agreements under which both parties have yet to completely fulfill their obligations.

In this panel discussion, experts will explore the process of evaluating the rejection of executory contracts, particularly in cases where the debtor is considering rejecting one or more supplier contracts (vs. leases or other financial obligations of the debtor) and where the case is likely to result in a sale. We will cover:

the reasons why a debtor might reject a contract, and the evaluation process for making this decision;
the process of accessing the rejection damages to enable bid comparisons and informed planning and decision-making; and
how the courts rule on comparing bids that differ on rejections and damages, including the legal standards used to determine the appropriate compensation for the other party.

Whether you represent creditors or debtors, or are interested in learning more about contract rejection, this webinar will provide you with valuable insights into the complex world of bankruptcy law and real-world case studies. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the decision-making process and potential damages involved in rejecting executory contracts.

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