NO CLE - Disruption in the Marketplace: The Retailization of Healthcare

Consumers are utilizing retail clinics, urgent care centers, ambulatory surgery centers, concierge services and freestanding ERs to get medical care when and where they want it. The healthcare marketplace is forcing providers to rethink their business models beyond the four walls of traditional healthcare facilities. The new reality is that healthcare is taking on a consumer-centric, technology-enabled retail model, in the name of improving outcomes and lowering costs. This panel will explore how to create a Consumer Brand Experience in today's evolving healthcare marketplace. Every aspect of your organization from your stories, your online presence, mobile solutions, services and physical environment, should be an extension of your brand and what you do remarkably well. For healthcare providers, a well-defined Consumer Brand Experience means bringing your brand promise to life consistently, across every location where you market and provide services to your consumers.

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