NO CLE - AMR Case Study: How Extraordinary Value was Achieved for AMR’s Creditors and Equity-Holders

From the outset of AMR's chapter 11 filing in November 2011, the Creditors' Committee focused on working closely and collaboratively with the Debtors to craft innovative solutions for the airlines' labor and pension issues and to systematically evaluate AMR's restructuring alternatives, identify a path for emergence that maximized the value of the airline, and craft a confirmable plan of reorganization that would command the strong support of general unsecured creditors and other economic stakeholders. The reorganization plan that was adopted relied on the consummation of a merger with US Airways, in order to combine American's and US Airways' complementary networks, increase convenience and efficiency and provide more options for customers, as well as facilitate AMR's transformation into a profitable and sustainable global airline. This roundtable of advisors will discuss how early labor and pension strategies led to the development of a standalone business plan which then could be compared to a potential merger inside chapter 11 – preserving the synergy values for chapter 11 stakeholders. The roundtable will also discuss the unique distribution mechanism that was adopted which avoided valuation disputes during the plan confirmation process in favor of a post-emergence "market test."

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