NO CLE - ABI: Municipal Insolvency in the Time of COVID-19

Shutdown orders, shuttered industries and an uncertain future due to COVID-19 have left many municipalities with a diminishing revenue base and significantly increasing costs as they strive to protect the health and safety of their residents. The era of COVID-19 is also the era of protests and renewed demands for racial justice in small and larger cities, historic wildfires and weather events due to climate change, and economic-relief packages in Congress at a stalemate as we approach the November election. This panel will consider the potential impacts of these overlapping events on the financial future of our municipalities. Taking into account the lessons learned from Detroit, Puerto Rico and other municipal insolvencies, this expert panel will consider the hard questions facing community leaders, the municipal debt market, public service employees and retirees, private businesses and citizens, and potentially the courts in this unprecedented time.

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