NO CLE - ABI-Live: Understanding Make-Whole and No-Call Provisions: Key Takeaways From Recent Decisions


Make-whole provisions in loan documents, which compensate lenders for the loss of future interest payments when a borrower voluntarily prepays its debt, and no-call provisions, which prohibit the prepayment of debt before maturity, can greatly affect distributions to creditors in bankruptcy. The enforceability of these provisions has given rise to extensive litigation in such cases as AMR Corp. (American Airlines), School Specialty, GMX Resources and Chemtura. This 75-minute webinar will review recent decisions and the current state of the law concerning make-whole and no-call provisions. Key takeaways that practitioners should be aware of when drafting these provisions will also be discussed.

Charles Reardon
Asgaard Capital LLC
Vienna, Va.

Stanley B. Tarr
Blank Rome LLP
Wilmington, Del.

Andrew V. Tenzer
Paul Hastings LLP
New York

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