NO CLE - ABI Live: The Role of Customers in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Proceedings

Customers can play a significant role in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, both in terms of the value they add to (or detract from) the debtor's business and their potential rights as creditors. In this panel discussion, we will explore the role of customers in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings and the impact they can have on the process, including:

  • The importance of maintaining or rejecting customer relationships and the impact that customer behavior can have on the success of the reorganization or sale process;
  • The creditor role of a customer that can arise by virtue of rejection damages, including the roles and rights a customer gains by becoming a creditor;
  • The consent and approval rights that customers may have in the Chapter 11 process and the implications of these rights for both the debtor and potential bidders in the sale process;
  • The impact that a change of ownership can have on customers, the protections they’re afforded, and how both are addressed in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

This panel discussion will bring together experts in bankruptcy law, customer relationships, and business strategy to provide a comprehensive view of the role of customers in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Whether you represent customers, creditors, or are simply interested in learning more about the bankruptcy process, this discussion will provide valuable insights into this complex area of the law.

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