NO CLE - ABI-Live: Midstream Contracts in Chapter 11: Covenants Running with the Land?

Sponsored by ABI's Business Reorganization Committee

Please join us for an overview and discussion of chapter 11 cases addressing the nature and treatment of oil and gas gathering agreements.

Since the 2016 decision in Sabine Oil & Gas, courts have grappled with whether midstream contracts contain real property covenants that “run with the land” and whether chapter 11 debtors can reject contracts with their midstream providers. In the most recent decisions on this issue (Extraction and Southland), the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware found that the debtors’ gathering agreements did not satisfy the elements required to create such a real property covenant.

This CLE will cover (i) foundational law and principles regarding contract rejection and covenants “running with the land”; (ii) an overview of seminal cases, including the most recent decisions in Extraction and Southland; and (iii) a discussion of potential implications of recent case law and guidance for parties navigating this issue.

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