NO CLE - ABI-Live: Fraud and Forensics: How Lawyers and Forensic Accountants Work Together to Win Cases

From selection of the right forensic accountant all the way through trial, the interaction between lawyers and forensic accountants can make or break a case. This webinar will discuss the practical considerations and dynamics between the two types of professionals during all phases of a case. Defining their roles in the midst of the ever-changing needs of a case can be challenging, and lawyers and forensics accountants must work side by side in detecting and proving fraud. The speakers will address issues arising in the relationship between lawyers and forensic accountants during the discovery process and the settlement process, in preparing the expert witness, and ultimately in collaborating yet maintaining their separate roles at trial.
ABI will seek 1.5 hours of general CLE credit in 60-minute-hour states and 1.5 hours of credit in 50-minute-hour states. CLE-Approved States: ABI’s live webinars and teleconferences ordinarily receive CLE credit in AL, CA, DE, GA, IL, MN, NE, NH, NJ, NY (approved jurisdiction policy), PA, TN and TX. ABI will obtain approval in additional states. ABI does not seek direct accreditation of live webinars in KS. Credit hours granted are subject to approval from each state, which may not be determined prior to the program.

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