NO CLE - ABI-Live: On Cruise Control or Approaching a Detour? Current Issues for Automotive Distress

The automotive industry has been relatively stable since the crisis ten years ago. But there are disruptions within the supplier base as platforms change and technology evolves. With declining volumes and the stress of trade wars, are we approaching another downturn in the automotive industry? Are we better prepared to manage through potential automotive distress now than ten years ago, or have supplier operations and financing structures and agreements become more complex? This webinar will explore these issues and more.


Kevin A. Krakora, Moderator
Getzler Henrich; Chicago, IL

Jeremy M. Downs
Goldberg Kohn; Chicago, IL

Sheryl L. Toby
Dykema Gossett PLLC; Detroit, MI

Scott A. Wolfson
Wolfson Bolton PLLC; Detroit, MI

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