NO CLE - ABI Live: Change of Control via 363 Sale vs. Plan of Reorganization

The first two parts of this three-part webinar series focused on key topics associated with sales that take place in chapter 11 bankruptcies, and addressed executory contract rejection, the role of customers in chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, and change of control via a § 363 sale vs. a plan of reorganization.

In this third and last session, the panelists will explore the complexities of sales in chapter 11 bankruptcy with a focus on two common methods of selling a business: plans of reorganization and § 363 sales. The panelists will explore the pros and cons of each method from the perspectives of customers, creditors and debtors, and will provide insights into when each should be utilized.

Our experts will compare plans of reorganization to § 363 sales, outlining key differences, timelines, the parties involved and the level of court involvement, and will provide guidance on when to choose a plan versus a § 363 sale and the potential impact of each. Attendees will better understand the options available for selling in a chapter 11 bankruptcy, and the factors to consider when choosing between a plan of reorganization and a § 363 sale.

Join us to gain insights into the complexities of chapter 11 sales and how to navigate them successfully.

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