The New Normal, Change and the Flow of Water

Did you know that you are a superhero? Who else with the stroke of a pen can erase thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars worth of debt? Who else can take a struggling American citizen and put them upright with a fresh start, slay aggressive creditors and stop garnishments, demand the return of seized vehicles, and push back on the IRS? Lastly, what other area of law allows you to be a superhero of epic proportions? Not one, Captain America! So wrap yourself in the American flag and spend an hour changing your perspective to understand how the businesses who support you see what you do and why it matters. This panel will present a discussion of the perspectives and issues that stand in your way as successful business owners, the changes we can all make, and how you can adapt to struggle less and succeed more by ditching the models of the past and creating a more nimble one for the future in a post-COVID-19 legal landscape.

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< 60 min
Carlos Sarmiento Jr. LegalPRO Systems, Inc.; San Antonio Dave Danielson Resolvent; Winter Park, Fla. Heather Pickett Propel Paralegal Services, LLC; Frederick, Md. Jay S. Jump BK Attorney Services LLC; Pasco, Wash. Justin Crone Independence Software, LLC; Alexandria, Va. Kathryn Jump BK Attorney Services LLC; Pasco, Wash. Keith Crusius LegalPRO Systems, Inc.; San Antonio Patrick K. Schaefer Nationwide TFS, LLC; Jericho, N.Y. Richard James Automated Business Results; Gilbert, Ariz. Sally Rogers Lexria; Claymont, Del. Stacey M. Lake Lawfecta; Victorville, Calif. Victoria L. Collier Quid Pro Quo, LLC; Harrison, Ga.