Money Talks: Getting Retained and Paid (Ethically) by the Bankruptcy Estate

Presented by the Young and New Members & Ethics and Professional Compensation Committees
You work hard for the money, so let’s make sure you get it. This panel will discuss ethical considerations governing that all-important process: getting retained and paid by the bankruptcy estate. Aside from covering the basics of retention for young and new professionals, the panelists will address some of the myriad ethical issues governing retention and compensation that can arise, including connection disclosures, concurrent representations of insiders and expense reimbursement.

Price: $125.00
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75 mins
John M. Duck (Adams and Reese, LLP; New Orleans), Hon. Meredith Grabill (U.S. Bankruptcy Court (E.D. La.); New Orleans), Ariane R. Holtschlag (Law Offices of William J. Factor, Ltd.; Chicago), Evan T. Miller (Bayard, P.A.; Wilmington, Del.)