Mental Health Issues

Financial difficulties, especially bankruptcy, are among the most traumatic events an individual can experience. This session will focus on some of the mental health issues that can arise when advising clients with financial difficulties, and in filing and going through bankruptcy. How do mental health issues influence consumer credit choices? What resources are available for you to refer to your clients to help them cope with financial difficulties and bankruptcy? How do mental health issues impact a debtor’s ability to obtain a discharge of student loans? What legal standing must be shown to take action on behalf of a mentally ill individual who is either filing a bankruptcy case or is a debtor in a pending case? What are the best practices for interacting with debtors who have mental health issues?

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75 mins
Chief Judge Scott W. Dales U.S. Bankruptcy Court (W.D. Mich.); Grand Rapids, Dr. Barika M. Butler Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority; Detroit, Erika D. Hart Taunt Law Firm; Birmingham, Mich., Hon. Terrance A. Keith Wayne County Probate Court; Detroit.