Luncheon: Stress Resiliency and Peak Performance in the Law

Bankruptcy work is highly stressful and intense, yet few insolvency professionals have ever received science-based training on how to improve their emotional well-being, mental health or cognitive functioning. No matter who we are or how successful we are, we can all make progress in reducing our stress, improving our happiness, and enhancing our cognitive functioning in our work. During this keynote presentation, you will learn about the neuroscientific, biochemical and physiological connections between stress and cognition. You also will be provided with a collection of tangible, science-based tools and techniques that you can put to use the very next day to reduce stress and enhance cognitive functioning in your career and life. Specific techniques of body, emotion and mind will be shared to help you unlock your fullest potential, optimize your resiliency, and achieve your highest form of success in your work. A happier and more successful version of you awaits!

Price: $125.00
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60 mins
Jarrett Green Well-Being, Resiliency & Peak Performance Consultant Rebecca Simon Green Well-Being, Resiliency & Peak Performance Consultant