Litigating Issues in a Health Care Case

Experienced practitioners are typically able to litigate the issues that arise in most chapter 11 cases in a similar manner, regardless of the industry of a particular debtor. In the health care context, however, the identities of the litigants are often different (government agencies, patient care ombudsmen, etc.), and more importantly, those litigants’ respective motivations may be vastly different than in a "typical" chapter 11 case. Economic considerations, the driver of most chapter 11 outcomes, are often superseded in a health care case by a party’s perceived public policy or reputational concerns. This panel will discuss these differences and provide practical suggestions, based on their extensive experience, as to how attorneys and financial advisors can navigate these issues and reach a successful outcome for all stakeholders.

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60 mins
David E. Gordon Polsinelli; Atlanta, Tania M. Moyron Dentons; Los Angeles, Margaret M. Newell, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Division; Washington, D.C., Andrew H. Sherman Sills Cummis & Gross, P.C.; Newark, N.J.
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