A Fistful of Dollars: Thorny Chapter 11 Plan Confirmation Issues and How to Address Them

This panel will explore four challenging chapter 11 plan confirmation issues and potential ways to resolve them: (1) the appropriate cramdown interest rate; (2) the absolute priority rule; (3) plan exculpations and releases; and (4) creative ways to treat recalcitrant creditors (including unimpairment, reinstatement, contract assumption and other means).

Price: $50.00
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75 mins
George B. Hofmann, Moderator Cohne Kinghorn, P.C.; Salt Lake City James T. Markus Markus Williams & Young LLC; Denver Richard E. Mikels Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones; New York Hon. R. Kimball Mosier U.S. Bankruptcy Court (D. Utah); Salt Lake City Hon. Michael E. Romero U.S. Bankruptcy Court (D. Colo.); Denver