Ethics in Health Care Insolvencies

Join us for a robust discussion concerning Ethics in Healthcare Insolvencies, where the panel will explore a myriad of issues, including: ethical implications in the context of valuing healthcare companies or providers in the age of COVID-19 (where we were, where we are, where we may be going); the concomitant impact on valuation of healthcare companies or providers vis-à-vis increasing the minimum wage and providing the required level of care; capital allocation between patients’ medical needs and fiscal responsibility and management as healthcare companies or providers face restructuring or liquidity issues; steps directors and officers of healthcare companies or providers should consider when they are insolvent (e.g., deciding whether to restructure or file bankruptcy; to whom do the fiduciary duties flow (e.g., to creditors, still to patients, etc.); duty to transfer patients of closing healthcare business and restrictions on transfers; termination of provider agreements or assumption and assignment; and lender issues.

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60 mins
Jackson D. Toof Arent Fox LLP; Washington, D.C. Timothy J. Dragelin FTI Consulting, Inc.; Charlotte, NC Adam B. Keil Moelis & Company; New York Suzanne A. Koenig SAK Management Services, LLC; Riverwoods, Ill. Jeffrey N. Rothleder Squire Patton Boggs; Washington, D.C.
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