Early-Case Orders that Dictate the End-of-Case Orders: Efficient or Disenfranchising?

Cash-collateral, DIP-financing, § 363 bid-procedure and assumption-of-restructuring-support-agreement orders all enter into the early stages of a chapter 11 case, and all have the potential to dictate how the case will end. Some argue that setting a firm course for the case in the early days promotes efficiency and recognizes the financial realities posed by current capital structures. Others argue that those same orders, fashioned by a small subset of the creditor constituencies, preclude all but those at the top of the capital structure from having an effective voice in the case. The panelists include people on both sides of that debate, and the discussion will feature such topics as benchmarks in DIP financing and cash-collateral orders, recent developments in bid-procedure orders such as the recent approval by some courts of multiple breakup fees and of a no-shop clause, and just how far a restructuring support agreement can go in a pre-negotiated case.

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Hon. Hannah L. Blumenstiel, Moderator U.S. Bankruptcy Court (N.D. Cal.); San Francisco, Stephen L. Coulombe Berkeley Research Group LLC.; Boston, Hon. Robert E. Gerber (ret.) Joseph Hage Aaronson LLC; New York, Lisa Bittle Tancredi Gebhardt & Smith LLP; Baltimore.